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Corporate support and sponsorship

Your Support Helps Us in a big way

Thank you for your interest in raising funds to support Brave Foundation. Your help will assist us “To build a village of acceptance and support around expecting and parenting teens.”

A partnership with Brave Foundation lets consumers and employees know that you have an ongoing commitment to supporting the wider community, and giving back to young Australians in need.

Brave Foundation is an Australian not-for-profit charity that equips expecting and parenting teens with resources, referral and education opportunities to facilitate happy, healthy and skilled families over time.

Our corporate partnerships help us to provide programs throughout Australia that assist more than 24,000 teenage mothers to participate more fully in their education and create a better future for themselves.

Your commitment to partner with us will help us to support even more Australian teenage mothers.

Your benefits will include:

  • VISIBILITY: Invest visibly in the future health, education and well-being of expecting and parenting teens, their families and their loved ones.
  • RECOGNITION: Be recognised in associated media and related events as a supporter of our initiatives and place a pull-up banner at selected events.
  • PRIORITY: Have first option as a major sponsor of Brave Foundation
  • VOICE YOUR OPINION: Meet and get to know the Brave Foundation team and Board, through structured events and informal meetings and be kept up to date with progress.
  • STAFF ENGAGEMENT: Be encouraged to extend your engagement with Brave Foundation to your staff and key stakeholders, and invite the Brave Foundation attendance at your events and promotional activities.
  • CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY: Enjoy the benefit of quality corporate citizenship to deepen your emerging and well-recognised brand through alignment with Brave Foundation.
  • LEADERSHIP: Enhance your leadership role in the Australian business community, demonstrating a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and philanthropy by supporting an Australian company.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Be involved in our rapidly growing and influential social media strategy.

Brave Foundation works with organisations to create mutually beneficial partnerships to communicate key messages based on common values and shared objectives.



A workplace giving program is set up by an employer and is the most tax effective, simple and powerful way that their employees can donate to a charity directly from their salaries.

A workplace giving program is easy for employers to set up and provides many benefits for both companies and employees while supporting a great cause. Employers can also choose to match their employee’s contributions dollar for dollar.

Donations are made through the payroll department, employees don’t need to do anything once they are set up.

Donations of more than two dollars are deducted from an employee’s salary before it is taxed, resulting in an immediate tax saving.

See the Workplace Giving page for more information.


Sponsoring Brave Foundation can work in a variety of ways and will bring a positive image to your company by addressing specific objectives whilst supporting young teenagers. It can help reach a target audience, increase brand awareness, motivate staff or show commitment to the local community.

Sponsorship opportunities range from high profile events and corporate functions through to advertising campaigns and fundraising materials.

Sponsorship Proposal

Corporate volunteering

Corporate volunteering is great for team building, staff morale and your company profile. By encouraging your staff to work together on fundraising projects, you give them the opportunity to develop as a team and acquire new skills.

Our corporate volunteer program will see your team members host a Fundraising Shower for World’s Biggest Baby Shower.

The fundraising shower can be held by your organisation at any time of the year. Attendees to the fundraising shower will give coin/note donations to Brave Foundation, with a minimum pledge amount of $50 per fundraising shower. The organisation will be equipped with online resources and fundraising shower ideas from Brave Foundation to assist in holding your WBBS event.

DONAte to a project


Brave Foundation’s National Awareness Project is its key education initiative.

They aim to support expecting and parenting teens to continue their education by making sure they are aware of, and have access to, existing support and education services. For schools and communities they will promote the importance of positive role models and will offer a Secondary Scholarship to encourage young parents to continue their education.

Another key aim is the uptake of the National Policy Standard for Secondary Schools – Support for expecting and parenting students. The Policy Standard encourages schools to provide a holistic support approach for long-term educational and family outcomes for expecting and parenting.

These aims will be achieved through the distribution of information to all secondary schools, hospitals and pregnancy support centres in Australia. They will receive a Brave Foundation resource pack that includes an introductory letter, information on the Policy Standard for secondary schools scholarship opportunities, Bernadette Black’s video, poster, and the resource book Brave Little Bear.

Brave Foundation Projects will empower teenage parents through access to knowledge and will help mobilise their local Village (or community) to provide this support.
We want expecting and parenting teens to be inspired and to access support and continue their education so they can have a brighter future.

Donating to this project will see distribution of Resource Packs in every secondary school in Australia.


Brave Foundation partners with and promotes existing pregnancy and parenting support services and educational opportunities, acting as a central point of reference for those seeking support.

Brave recognises that expecting and parenting teens need strong networks so they can develop the courage they need to step into their new role with confidence. It is well established that intervention initiatives, such as education and community support can have a positive effect on the future of expecting and parenting teens and the generations that follow.


In-kind support for Brave Foundation enables companies to contribute to our objectives in a way that is entirely relevant to your business. It provides Brave Foundation with the invaluable technology, equipment and fundraising prizes that are necessary to run our services.

other opportunties

  • cause related marketing opportunities
  • awareness activities during Month of May for World’s Biggest Baby Shower
  • event partnerships
  • promote Brave Foundation’s support service and website on your organisations website, intranet and in internal communications
  • host a fundraising event or function
  • Staff involvement at events or professional support
  • You can donate in-kind goods or pro bono services that we would otherwise need to buy on commercial terms.
  • sponsoring an educational scholarship
  • supporting a community in need near you
  • supporting our educational support programs in your local area


Your support means Brave Foundation can continue to raise much-needed funds that go towards:

  • supporting expecting and parenting teenagers in your community
  • equipping the village surrounding expecting and parenting teens with awareness and support
  • providing resources to secondary schools and providers to assist the expecting/parenting teen in continuing their education
  • providing awareness and support to existing services assisting expecting/parenting teens
  • funding scholarships
  • funding research


We are extremely fortunate to work with organisations who share our vision and provide in-kind support.

  • Advance Workforce
    Advance Workforce specialises in Teaching, Coaching, Mentoring & Facilitating businesses, Forte supports Brave Foundation by providing in-kind graphic design services where required.


  • Fuji Xerox
    Fuji Xerox Hobart partnered with Brave Foundation for the launch of the World’s Biggest Baby Shower event in Hobart. Fuji Xerox Hobart supported Brave Foundation by providing in-kind printing services.



  • Federal Group
    The Federal Group is supporting Brave Foundation by providing in-kind room hire and refreshments for Brave Foundation’s National Expecting and Parenting Teen Support & Education Working Group meetings.

  • Sam&Carter
    The Brave Foundation share SAM&CARTER’s vision of supporting Australian communities, strengthening young parents and families, and creating the best opportunity for our younger generations. This is why Sam&Carter committed to helping The Brave Foundation by donating 10% of the purchase price of any products sold.

Villa Howden

  • Villa Howden
    A key supporter of BRAVE’s vision to build the village of support around young parents and families, and creating the best opportunity for our younger generations. Villa Howden purchase a number of our ‘Brave Little Bears’ for their guest rooms.



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