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The Brave Journey to Destination Program

The Program

This program is a program for expecting or parenting teens.

This Program is designed to be presented and work shopped to a small group however it can be adapted in a few ways including by taking the group discussions out and making it a one on one discussion with a teacher, coach, social worker, chaplain, counsellor or Brave Foundation mentor.

Further the program could be used as an individual resource for a personal transformational journal activity.

Its purpose is to help teenage parents be inspired and empowered to finish their education and keep dreaming of a bright and successful future for them and their child.

Evidence based approach

It is founded on a solution and strengths based approach that allows people to explore their situation, find the solution and be empowered to make positive decisions in their life. The program also integrates aspects of Phenomenological theory that supports and encourages individuals to remain focused on what is happening for them in the present moment, what they are learning right now and cultivating self-awareness throughout the workshop process allowing for change, self-reflection and positive decision making.

Program outcome:

To help expecting and parenting teens by building self-awareness and self-efficacy so that they have the empowerment to overcoming the challenges and barriers in finishing their education and pursing their life goals. 


3 hour workshop, or over a few weeks when used as a mentoring tool.

Suggested format: small group, with tables, workbooks, pens, whiteboard or large paper for group discussions.

The program can be run during the day or in the evening

Program outline

Session One:  30 Mins

  • Presentation
  • Speaker intro, mum experience and journey what they are doing now.
    • Confidentiality and openness

Session Two: 2.5 hours

  • Workbook
    • Hand out journals/workbook

Part one: My Journey

Part one of the program is about creating self-awareness and reflection skills in order to build self- efficacy and a deeper sense of empowerment in each individual. It is designed to help teens explore their situation and challenges in a healthy perspective and draw on previous personal strengths and capacity whilst also looking for any outside support. By the end of part one they will have thought about their concerns and future changes that will take place, have explored their own achievement in overcoming previous changes in their life, and started to question and resolve their beliefs about their future.

Part two: My Destination

Part two explores their dreams for their future and looks at the challenges, barriers and solutions to overcoming these to achieve their dreams. It will also look at any conditional barriers they were not aware of by asking ‘what will happen if it does all work out?’

Part two finishes with making three promises to themselves, taken from the Bernadette Black story and encourages a deeper reflection on their future selves to help resolve their commitments to themselves.


Please contact Brave Foundation for workshop and associated costs.