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Brave Scholarships

About our Scholarships

The Brave Foundation’s Education Scholarships have been created to minimise the financial barriers experienced by expecting and parenting teens as they continue through their secondary school education.

The secondary/tertiary school scholarships reflect an understanding that many expecting and parenting students experience unique challenges at this stage of their education and life. The scholarship is an acknowledgement that many of these students cannot sometimes afford the necessary costs associated with attending and completing secondary school. Costs identified are online books, hard copy books, and travel expenses to education provider, computing equipment and school fees.

The eligibility criteria for these scholarships is aimed at selecting students who are most in need of support, in relation to school fees and study materials as mentioned above in order to complete their high school or further education.

Scholarships are available across Australia with a value of $5,000 each.

Eligibility Criteria

To be successful in their application for support from the Brave Foundation, students must:

  • be a expecting or parenting teen
  • be able to demonstrate additional socioeconomic disadvantage such as financial hardship or family challenges
  • be enrolled in years 7–12 in 2016 at an Australian public or private school or an Australian University
  • live in Australia

Scholarship Purpose

The scholarship funding is intended to support students in their academic pursuits and can be used by the student, their family or school to contribute towards items such as:

  • school fees
  • extra tuition costs
  • transport
  • child care fees
  • textbooks and relevant course materials
  • computers and computing peripherals including software programs and printing equipment

Application Guidelines

Applications can be made by the student and/or their family, or alternatively on behalf of the student by an authorised school representative such as a principal, teacher or teacher’s aide.

Applicants must:

  • complete the application form in full
  • provide a letter of introduction to the Brave Foundation co-signed by the school
  • be able to provide evidence supporting their application if deemed necessary by the Brave Foundation

Application Process:

Download the application form: 1-2-scholarship-application-2017

Applications can be submitted by:

Key Dates:

  • Expressions of interest are currently being accepted for 2017