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Navigator Network

We are a group of professionals working in ‘Navigator’ type roles in Australia’s social support sector. We have not met yet, but we will soon. Stay tuned.

Our Purpose

The aim of the network is to nurture a diverse community of professionals working in ‘Navigator’ type roles in Australia’s social support sector. We intend to achieve this by providing virtual and face-to-face opportunities for connection, support, structured problem-solving, reflective practice, and knowledge exchange.

The background

The idea for the Navigator Network started in late 2021, following Brave’s contribution to the ‘Understanding ‘Linkers’: new role to help navigate social services’ paper by Paul Ramsay Foundation and dandolopartners in February 2022. This paper describes the work of ‘Linkers’ (Navigators) as follows:

Linkers work around the gaps, limitations and insufficiencies of the service system. They help people access the services and support they need through individualised, relationship-based practices.

These roles appear across the social services sector. They provide a way to operationalise the relational, client-centred, flexible support which evidence shows is more effective.

The Navigator Network is a unique opportunity for all involved to develop a shared understanding of how best to support, develop and grow this emerging and highly skilled workforce.


A note on language

Language is a complicating factor. For example, there are different job titles being used. Some examples include Navigator, Linker, Mentor, Support Worker, Coach, Troubleshooter and Key Worker, amongst others. The Network uses the more generic term of Navigator.


Funded by RM Ansett Grant, managed by Equity Trustees, from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2024.


For any enquiries the Navigator Network, contact Lisa McGhee, Community Manager at