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Bernie's Story

How you can help

All of a sudden your friend has found out they are pregnant, the future is looking different and you don’t know how to support your friend.

As a friend, you can help so much.

Many people think teenage pregnancy happens to someone else. But actually most people know a person, or of a person, that has experienced a teenage pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy happens to all kinds of people, in every community of Australia. Right now, your friend is likely overwhelmed and wants to feel supported and cared for, this is where you can help.

If your friend doesn’t know where to start now they have found out they are pregnant, encourage them to speak to a supportive person in their life like a family member, teacher, or medical professional. You, or your friend, can also call Kids Helpline for immediate professional counselling and support on 1800 55 1800.

If they decide to continue with the pregnancy, tell them about Brave Foundation and the Supporting Expecting and Parenting Teens (SEPT) program which will connect your friend with a mentor to walk alongside them and help them reach their goals.

Pregnancy Timeline

Even in a planned pregnancy, there are a lot of questions! Our interactive pregnancy timeline has month by month information on what to expect. You might like to go through this with your friend, or encourage them to look at it with their support person, so they can work towards a plan.

Next steps

Continue to look around the Brave Foundation site, to see what support is available for your friend and read some of the real stories of other teen parents. You can contact us at any time with any questions you have. At Brave we all have a personal connection with teenage pregnancy and parenthood.


Your Pregnancy Journey

We've built a timeline just for you. So no matter where you are in your journey, you'll be able to locate the information that's relevant to you - anytime.

View Interactive Timeline

For Friends

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