Chantelle Hunt

Mentor - Darwin, NT

Chantelle has been in the Northern Territory for the past four years and prior to that was in Adelaide for over 30 years. In Adelaide, she was a chef and had her own businesses. Chantelle has previously run her own restaurant with her family in a local winery. At the same time was working as a Trainer and Assessor in a school teaching Commercial Cookery.

She later took her family to Japan and found a school attached to a church that educated Japanese children from mixed cultures who had been bullied and ostracised in mainstream school. Chantelle partnered with the school and facilitated music lessons, cooking classes and English lessons.

In Darwin, Chantelle was employed as a Teacher’s Aide for NT Christian Schools, with the privilege of helping eight indigenous girls studying the Certificate II in Community Services. Chantelle then moved onto becoming the trainer for Community Services.

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