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What is Brave Foundation?

Brave Foundation is an Australian not-for-profit that equips pregnant and parenting young people with resources, referral and education opportunities to facilitate happy, healthy and skilled families over time.

Our Vision

We want to see future generations thrive.

Our Purpose

To unlock the boundless potential of young parents.

Our Mission

Collaboratively building a village of support, by creating a network of meaningful connections to ideas, people, services and resources.

Our Values

  • Inspire: We support and encourage our community to dream
  • Empower: We champion and resource individual potential
  • Connect: We establish and strengthen collaborative relationships
  • Include: We embrace diversity and combat prejudice
  • Innovate: We will find and make a way

Our Strategic Focus Areas

  • Enhance and deliver our core program
  • Generate evidence and ensure sustainability
  • Systematic advocacy
  • Develop and deepen funding and delivery partnerships

Child Safe Organisation

Brave Foundation is supported as a child safe organisation by ChildSafe™.

Download Brave Foundation Child Safe Organisation Statement of Commitment (PDF)