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Establishing Brave as a Centre for Excellence

Founded, designed and led by those with lived experience, Brave has many years’ experience and expertise working with expecting and parenting young people and the community stakeholders who support them. Brave is now well-positioned to become a Centre for Excellence (CfE) for understanding the needs of and advocating for expecting and parenting young people and their children.

As a CfE, Brave will use evidence-informed approaches drawn from lived experience, organisational and external data, and research. We will promote best practices, continuous improvement through program monitoring and research, and provide thought leadership and advocacy in what works for expecting and parenting young people.

We will

In the Pursuit of Excellence, Brave will:

Build a robust base of evidence to demonstrate what is needed and what works in supporting expecting and parenting young people for the benefit of current and future generations.

Embed processes and practices across the organisation for evidence informed decision making and continuous improvement in the pursuit of excellence.

Embed practices and approaches that support genuine participation of lived experience across the organisation. Refine the current Model of Mentoring based on contemporary evidence and best practice approaches for codification and licensing.

Lead and support workforce capacity to apply evidence informed and best practice approaches so that they are empowered in their work with their participants.

Establish Brave as a trusted and authoritative leader and source of advice regarding the needs expectant and parenting young people.

Work to influence government policy and budget decisions as they relate to addressing the needs of expectant and parenting young people.

A Commitment to Evidence

Informed Decision Making

Brave is committed to delivering genuine quality service delivery with tangible results for expectant and parenting young people and their children.

Brave’s Continuous Improvement Framework provides the foundation on which to achieve its objective of embedding processes for continuous improvement and to ensuring high quality service delivery. The organisation has established a Working Group whose activities are guided by an annual workplan and informed by the data (feedback and monitoring etc.). Our practices will continue to evolve and grow as we reflect and learn from those we work alongside.

Listening to Lived Experience

Brave privileges lived experience in everything we do. Young people have skills, knowledge and expertise and via their experience have a great deal to teach us, and Brave can only benefit by embedding their perspectives right across our work.

Our practices for engaging our young parents will continue to evolve and will be informed by our Model of Participation. The model is founded on the guiding principles of Article 12 of the United Convention on the Rights of the Child. The model will systematise and embed practices that ensure the privileging of the voice of young people through a youth advisory.

Advisory Group

Former participants of the SEPT Program are invited to volunteer their expertise as part of the advisory group,  Empowering the Voices of Young Parents (EVYP) Advisory. The feedback and ideas generated through this group contribute to improving SEPT and any future Brave programs or services.

Group members can be involved in areas of personal interest (such as program design, marketing, advocacy, media and research) and are recognised for their time.

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