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Measurement, Evaluation & Learning Framework

Brave’s first Measurement, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Framework focuses on the flagship SEPT program. The purpose of the Framework is to operationalise the kind of evidence needed, and the overarching plan and steps to generate, disseminate and learn from evidence in response to priority evaluation questions to meet organisational goals. The MEL Framework will provide valuable direction for the development of Brave’s evidence infrastructure, in support of its aim to be recognised as a Centre of Excellence.

Peter Underwood Centre’s independent evaluation of Brave’s SEPT Trial

The Peter Underwood Centre (PUC) for Educational Attainment at University of Tasmania, finalised an independent evaluation into the key findings of Brave’s SEPT program trial. Lead Researcher and Peter Underwood Centre Deputy Director Professor Kitty te Riele said Brave’s SEPT program was a much-needed innovation. “Our study has revealed robust

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