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Corporate Support

A partnership with Brave lets your clients, customers and employees know that you have an ongoing commitment to supporting the wider community and giving back to young Australian parents. Our corporate partnerships help us to provide programs throughout Australia that help young parents to create happy, healthy and thriving families. If you are interested in a Corporate Partnership, please contact us so we can discuss a partnership proposal tailored to your organisation.

A workplace giving program is set up by an employer and is the most tax effective, simple and powerful way that their employees can donate to a charity directly from their salaries.

Some employers also choose to match their employee’s contributions dollar for dollar.

Donations of more than $2 are deducted from an employee’s salary before it is taxed, resulting in an immediate tax saving.

If you are interested in setting up Workplace Giving, please contact us to discuss.

See the ATO’s website for more information about Workplace Giving

In-Kind Support or Gifts-in-Kind helps organisations contribute to Brave in a way that is relevant to your business. It is a donation of goods and services rather than money.

Think about your products and services which could be something Brave, or our participants, may need.

Some examples of In-Kind Support are:

  • Donated goods (equipment or products)
  • Donated services (professional services such a legal or trades)
  • Voluntary unskilled labour

  • Cause related marketing opportunities
  • Event partnerships
  • Host a fundraising event or function
  • Staff volunteering at events or professional support
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