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Brave is here to support you in your journey – whether expecting or parenting. Regardless of your situation, you and your child can thrive.

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Becoming a Parent

Pregnancy Information

At Brave, we understand the unique challenges faced by young people who are expecting a baby. Pregnancy at a young age, particularly if it was unplanned, can be stressful for yourself and your family.

It is normal to feel a whirlwind of emotions when you find out you are pregnant or becoming a father. Confusion, fear, happiness, and excitement are all common. All these feelings are valid and your emotions may change as you consider the future.

We suggest you speak to someone you trust when you first believe you may be pregnant and then take steps to confirm the pregnancy.

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Below are some resources which may help you in the early stages.

Teenage pregnancy: signs, pregnancy care and birth

Early signs of pregnancy

If you decide to continue with your pregnancy, we are here to support you in creating a happy and healthy family.

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Young Parents

Parenting is a Journey

Being a parent is a demanding job and most people come to it with no qualifications. Parenting is a rollercoaster with many ups and downs.

As a young parent, you might have additional challenges like education while parenting and the unfair judgement that still exists around young parents.

With the right support you can create a happy, healthy and thriving family.

Parenting as a teenager

The Program

What is it?

The Supporting Expecting and Parenting Teens (SEPT) program is a free, unique and personalised program which matches an expecting or parenting young person with a professional mentor for 12 months. Mentors work from local hub sites, community organisations or via digital delivery.

Our mentors walk alongside participants throughout the program – from referrals and first contact, to setting goals and working to achieve them, to celebration of their achievements and graduation from the program.

Real Stories

Stories from people we have helped

Young Person FAQs

Yes, Brave supports both expecting and parenting young people up to 25, provided you had your baby while a teenager.

No, Brave can provide support to both young mums and dads.

In fact, Brave is creating a new mentoring program for young dads. The program is based on the SEPT Program but will be tailored to specifically meet the needs of young dads. Eligibility and the way the program works are the same as the SEPT program right now but we will be speaking to the young dads during the program to help shape how it looks.  

We are creating a new mentoring program for young dads. The program is based on the SEPT Program but will be tailored to specifically meet the needs of young dads. 

We know that young dads want to be a valued and active parent in their child’s life and have unique needs and challenges to allow them and their families to flourish. 

Young dads work one on one with a professional mentor to identify things they’d like to achieve (for example, being the best dad they can be, returning to education, finding a job, managing finances, having better relationships with their child’s mother). The mentor meets with a young dad about every two weeks (depending on what is agreed is needed) and together they work on a plan toward achieving their goals.

The pilot program is available in and around Newcastle (NSW) and western Melbourne (Vic) but locations may expand based on interest).

Every young person and every parenting journey is unique, and the SEPT program reflects that. Our mentors will walk alongside you to set, work towards and achieve the goals that are important to you.

All participants must have an interest in preparing for education, training or employment. The program is voluntary.

Some parents join the program while they are still pregnant whereas others join when they are parenting. If you don’t feel ready just yet, know you can get in touch with us at any time.

Yes, the program is free. There is no charge of young people to participate in the program or engage with Brave.

Anyone aged under 25 who became a parent while a teenager (aged 19 or under).

However, we can also support:

  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) young parents aged under 25 who started parenting at 21 or under
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young parents aged under 25 who started parenting at 21 or under
  • Parents with an intellectual disability who are aged under 25
  • Parents who live in a remote or rural location and are aged under 25 if there are limited services available to them.

Absolutely! We understand it can be daunting to meet someone you don’t know so if you would like to bring your partner, parent or other support person, they are welcome to the first meeting.

Yes, if you would like some additional support at other appointments (like antenatal, Centrelink or housing), speak to your mentor.

Brave is independent of the choice debate. Brave firmly believes that the choice to continue a pregnancy is a decision for the young pregnant person alongside their trusted loved ones. If the decision is to continue with the pregnancy, Brave can provide support and guidance for parent and baby.

Yes, Brave is often contacted by friends and family (fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, etc.), to help expecting and parenting young people in their journey.

Evidence has shown that if a young parent continues their education in some capacity, they will have better outcomes.

Brave encourages school attendance during pregnancy (if healthy to do so) and encourages new parents to continue their education at a capacity that suits them.

Brave has a scholarship program for participants in the Supporting Expecting and Parenting Teens (SEPT) program. It helps provide financial assistance to access education, training and workforce participation activities.

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