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  • How to leave a gift in your Will

    It doesn’t take long to change the world — a simple Will can take as little as one hour to do.

    Having a valid Will means that what you own goes directly to the people and causes you care most about. If, like many of our supporters, you chose to remember Brave Foundation, we want to say a heartfelt thank you!

    We suggest that you speak to your solicitor to make sure that your wishes can be carried out in the way you would like. But we’re always here to answer any questions you may have about including a gift to Brave Foundation Australia.

    Our supporters create bequests in the following ways

    • a specified percentage of their estate
    • a specific dollar amount
    • a residue or a portion of the residue
    • a specific asset such as superannuation, bank accounts or shares

    There are a number of ways to support our work through your Will. You can:

    • Include a percentage of the remainder of your estate (known as the residue). After you have provided for your friends and family, just a small percentage, such as 5% or 10%, will make a huge difference. And this type of gift won’t lose its value over time.
    • Nominate a percentage of your estate that you would like Brave Foundation to receive from 1–100%. This gift will also keep its value over time.
    • Leave a specific amount of money, real estate, shares etc to Brave Foundation (known as a pecuniary bequest).

    Bequest gifts may support:

    • Support in the area of greatest need, as determined by CEO.
    • a nominated project area
    • Scholarships to support teen parents
    • set up of a brave village hub in a high need area
  • Already have a Will?

    If you already have a Will and would now like to include a gift to Brave Foundation, all you have to do is make a ‘codicil’. Provide your solicitor with our wording so your Will can be updated.

  • How your Will can change lives

    When you’re a supporter of Brave Foundation, you’re part of a global community of millions of people who believe that a better world is possible.

    Many people find that they’re able to give more generously to Brave Foundation through their Will than they ever could during their lifetime. In fact, you might be surprised to hear what a percentage of your estate can achieve.

  • Story of Anne Tomlinson Walsh


    Anne Tomlinson Walsh was one of 12 children, had no children of her own that we know, and had no family or loved ones close to her at the time of her death.

    During her life, Anne had a passion for education of young women, particularly those that were vulnerable to higher risks, including teenage pregnancy. In 2011, when Anne was in palliative care, she requested that her lawyer research national charities that assist those facing teenage pregnancy in order to receive their education. Her lawyer came back with some opportunities, including Brave Foundation’s details and a copy of the book Brave Little Bear, Bernadette Black the CEO and Founding Director’s own personal story of teen pregnancy, and presented these to Anne.

    Bernadette received a phone call from Anne’s lawyer late in 2013 to inform her that Anne had passed away 18 months earlier and left a portion of her estate to Brave Foundation.


    It is due to this generous gift that Brave Foundation’s national vision has been realised. And it is due to this generous gift that 24,000 teenagers, their families, friends and communities will receive support and assistance that they have never had before. This amazing gift will literally be a gift for generations of families in Australia and beyond.

    As Brave Foundation moves to launch its major projects to continue our work, we would love you to consider us as a part of your estate and gift planning.


  • Leaving a bequest to Brave Foundation

    Leaving a bequest to Brave Foundation is a powerful way to help support vulnerable teen parents in our community once and for all.

    Advising us of your intention to make a gift to Brave Foundation in your Will greatly assists us in planning for the future. It also provides us with an opportunity to discuss with you the area of Brave Foundation you would like to support and to thank you in person.

    Our legal name is: Brave Foundation and the ABN is 24 138 282 210. Brave Foundation is a charitable institution and is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient.

    The following language may be used as an example for the bequest:

    “I give ____ to Brave Foundation for Education Projects to be used for educational purposes.”

  • How will we acknowledge your generosity?

    BRAVE FOUNDATION Life Benefactor
    A future bequest of more than $200,000 will be acknowledged as if it had been a cash donation of $100,000 today and as such will receive the recognition of a BRAVE FOUNDATION Life Benefactor.

    A future bequest of between $120,000 and $200,000 will be acknowledged as if it had been a cash donation of between $60,000 and $100,000 today and as such will receive the recognition of a BRAVE FOUNDATION Benefactor.

    A future bequest of between $20,000 and $120,000 will be acknowledged as if it had been a cash donation of between $10,000 and $60,000 today and as such will receive the recognition of a BRAVE FOUNDATION Fellow.

    A future bequest of between $2000 and $20,000 will be acknowledged as if it had been a cash donation of between $1000 and $10,000 today and as such will receive the recognition of a BRAVE FOUNDATION Supporter.

    You’ll also enjoy the personal satisfaction of knowing that, in future years, your bequest will continue to contribute to the community, enhancing the quality of life for future generations of Australian families through access to support and educational opportunities.

  • Our promise to you

    Leaving a gift in your Will to Brave Foundation is one of the best ways to support our work. In return, we promise you that:

    • Every dollar you give will be stretched as far as possible. We will spend your gift efficiently and cost-effectively so it has the most impact.
    • We will respect your privacy and look after your gift to us with sensitivity and care.
    • We know that your decision is yours alone and that circumstances can change. You may, of course, change your mind about your gift to Brave Foundation at any time in the future.
    • We will remain secular, transparent and accountable.
    • We’d love to hear if you’ve chosen to include us in your Will — but you don’t have to tell us. If you do choose to let us know, we’d really like to say thank you.
    • We’d also like to give you the choice about how we contact you in the future. That way we can keep you connected to the life-changing work your gift will make possible.
    • We are always here. If there is anything you want to know about your gift to us, or the people and families you are helping to thrive, please get in touch.

    Together, we can keep making sure that change is possible for these young women, their children and support people — with a gift in your Will to Brave Foundation, you can help to change generations.

  • We’d like to meet you

    Please get in touch.

    We’d value the opportunity to tell you more about the Brave Foundation and explain how a bequest will help secure the long-term future of our organisation. Bernadette Black, the CEO and Founding Director, would be delighted to meet you — please contact Bernadette if you would like to arrange an appointment at

    Thank you for giving this your attention — we hope we can welcome you to our special circle of valued supporters through your involvement in the Brave Foundation’s bequest program

    Download the Bequest Flyer