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What is Brave Foundation?

Brave Foundation is an Australian not-for-profit charity that equips expecting and parenting teens with resources, referral and education opportunities to facilitate
happy, healthy and skilled families over time.


To build a village of support and acceptance around expecting and parenting teens.


Build the village to:

  • Embrace and shape the future
  • Join the dots to meet the needs
  • Celebrate the child


Supportive: Nurturing & encouraging a brave village

Inspirational: Sharing stories to inspire courage, hope and continued education

Relevant:  Keeping our finger on the pulse

Connected: Strengthening links for improved service provision

Making a difference now and for future generations


The following goals will underpin the strategic direction of the Foundation to 2020:


Establish clear communication channels to build awareness and mobilise the village


Provide education pathways to a brighter future


Change lives through heart-­‐felt stories of courage and hope


To mobilise the people (identification, training and certification)


To be good stewards of diversified income streams and build confidence through transparency


Best practice governance to underpin initiatives and protect our brand

What type of company is Brave foundation?

Brave Foundation is an Australian Not for Profit Registered Charity that has Public Benevolent Institution status and is registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient, this means that you can claim your donation on your tax.

Why did Brave Foundation start?

Brave Foundation began in 2009, as a result of Founding Director Bernadette Black publishing ‘Brave Little Bear,’ her own story of teenage pregnancy through to becoming the Barnardos Australian Mother of the Year. After the launch of her book, Bernadette would receive emails from many young expecting women in Australia asking where they could finish their secondary schooling and find support where they lived. This was in fact why Bernadette Black wrote her book, as it was something just like this that she searched for at 16 but could not find.

How does Brave Foundation help expecting and parenting teens?

Brave Foundation provides a growing online ‘Directory of Services’, which displays outreach and educational opportunities nationally. Brave Foundation also provides Australian organisations currently assisting expecting and parenting teens with resources and referral.