2023 Impact Report

March 4, 2024

Brave Foundation is proud to present our 2023 Impact Report.

It has been a year of growth for Brave and this report will hopefully give a sense of the scale of impact and the achievements of Brave as an organisation, and those of our young parents located around Australia.

Read the CEO’s Message below and download the full report.

CEO’s Message

This past year has been a time of extraordinary growth within Brave and among the incredible group of young parents who have participated in our program across the country.

We have had the opportunity to see participants achieve so many of the goals that they have set for themselves. Each working intentionally on building their confidence as parents, while at the same time working on life matters like establishing a safe home, completing school, undertaking training, commencing work, and connecting with local community groups.

Their commitment is remarkable.

Our ability to develop and mature as an organisation is directly linked to our focus on elevating the voices of young parents with lived experience, and their generosity in choosing to share those experiences with us. Our progress is also only made possible by the relationships we have with many aligned organisations and by the support we have received from government, philanthropic partners and our Board of volunteer Directors who oversee the governance of Brave.

As you will have the opportunity to read in our Impact Report, we have worked hard over the course of 2023 to innovate many aspects of our work and to deepen the quality of our program. We have introduced new systems and frameworks and generated data and insights that help us to understand the impact of our work. All these enhancements are laying important foundations to support us in achieving our aspiration of a becoming a Centre for Excellence in working with young parents.

Our team of mentors and their team leaders have contributed extensively to the design and implementation of a staggering number of continuous improvement projects, while focusing on their core job of mentoring young parents. Our program support staff have been working collaboratively and diligently to ensure that each innovation has an evidence base and is designed and implemented with direct contribution from our employees, partners, funders, and young parents.

The scale and pace of change over this last year has been both exciting and challenging, but that is nothing new for Brave. We are an organisation that was founded, designed, and is led by a village of individuals with shared lived experience of young parenthood. We are motivated by our mutual commitment to unlocking the boundless potential of young parents, so that future generations may thrive!

Jill Roche


Download the 2023 Impact Report (PDF)

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