Real story

Linda’s story

Linda was 15 years old when she became a mother to her son Ethan. She dropped out of school to be a full-time parent and take care of her son. Since then, Linda has completed her education and is now a mother to three sons, aged six, four and two. 

“I didn’t have a great deal of support from family growing up. Growing up was rough and there were many struggles. I will forever be proud of my story.” 

Linda was referred to Brave by a local community organisation as she wanted support with goal setting, overcoming barriers and navigating other support services. 

Working with her mentor Sam, Linda set herself five goals – to get her drivers licence, to secure housing, to have strong mental health and wellbeing, to build her parenting capacity and undertake education and training.  

As her mentor, Sam supported Linda with practical support, facilitating community connections, advocacy, referrals to other services and help securing NDIS funding for her son. 

Linda said Sam was always supportive and positive. “She taught me how to look at life through a different angle.” 

Sam said she was in awe of Linda, her determination and all she had achieved.  

“Seeing her grow and accomplish all her goals and achievements has been a true honour. She is a different person to the shy woman I first met.” 

“I have seen her grow tired after having to overcome yet another hurtle life has thrown at her. However, Linda would always push through, she has never let any challenge or barrier stop her from showing up, being committed to goals and the life she is so determined to have with her three little boys. To say I am proud is an understatement.” 

Not only has Linda achieved her goals, but she also now helps other parents achieve theirs. Linda has trained and now works with a local organisation to deliver parenting programs to families in her community. She is also being trained to facilitate a course on learning practical communication skills for everyday and bringing up confident and happy children.  

Linda also helps run a local young parents’ playgroup. 

But there is so much still to come for Linda.  

“I’m going to keep thriving at life. I want to continue facilitating parenting programs as a parent partner in the community. I would also like to purse more training and study beauty in the future’’.  

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