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Scholarships & Brokerage

We know that many pregnant and parenting young people have unique challenges at this stage in their lives including financial barriers to education and employment. Our Brokerage and Scholarships are linked to individual goals and provide financial assistance for our participants to access education, training and workforce participation activities.

Private donors and sponsors can contribute to the brokerage and scholarship program.

Scholarship Details

Scholarship funding is available for costs related to:

  • school fees
  • training courses (parenting, work readiness, etc.)
  • transport to education or employment provider
  • driving lessons
  • child care fees
  • textbooks and relevant course materials (also available for online courses)
  • computers and equipment (software programs, printing equipment, etc.)

The maximum amount available per participant is $1500.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a Brave Scholarship, you must:

  • be a pregnant or parenting young person
  • have an active Brave Pathway Plan
  • have signed a Program Commitment Agreement and a Participant Consent form
  • be nominated by a Brave Mentor or an authorised person

Application Process

Applications are made by the Mentor on behalf of the participant.