Jill Roche

Chief Executive Officer

Jill Roche is an accomplished executive leader and non-executive Director and passionate advocate for the intergenerational impact of Brave’s program to support expecting and parenting young people. As the CEO of Brave, she has been instrumental in driving the organisation’s mission to empower young parents and create a better future for children.

Jill’s journey began as a young single mother of twins, where she experienced first-hand the challenges and stigma faced by young parents and their children. Her early parenting years fuelled her passion to work with a focus on empowering families and children.

She brings a wealth of experience to her role as the CEO of Brave, having experience spanning not-for-profit, management consulting, information technology, and banking and financial services throughout her career. Before starting at Brave as Chief Operations Officer in 2019, Jill served as Chief of Corporate Affairs at World Vision as well as holding Board positions with not-for-Profit organisations focused on international development.

Jill is deeply engaged with stakeholders including government agencies, corporations, and community organisations and understands the importance of collaboration in creating meaningful impact. She is energised by leading a team of passionate Brave employees and has deepened and broadened Brave’s reach and impact, having actively participated in relevant government inquiries and summits to highlight the value, needs and the potential of young parents.

Her passion, dedication, and commitment to creating a positive change in the lives of families are an inspiration to many. She deeply believes in Brave’s vision to create a world where the boundless potential of young parents can be unlocked so that every family has the opportunity to thrive.

Jill can be contacted via email at:

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