Melanie Corona

Mentor – North-West (Burnie), Tas

Mel has lived in Tasmania since 2006 and loves raising her family and working on the North-west Coast of the island. She is an Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander woman raised in Alice Springs Australia and finishing her schooling in New Zealand. While travelling around Australia she worked in tourism taking people on camping safaris through Central Australia and teaching them about Aboriginal culture. It was a privilege and work she will never forget being part of.

While raising her five children Mel wrote and published several fiction novels, owned a small bag company where she sewed her own goods and taught classes at her local fabric store. After becoming a foster parent, she decided to attended university to become qualified in the support sector. This has enabled Mel to work with young families in two identified roles. She loves being at the proactive end of community support.

She believes everyone is important and deserves a chance to be heard and respected.

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