Oliver Doreian

Mentor - Young Dads Program, Vic

Oliver brings nearly 10 years of experience in youth and community services, with expertise ranging from education and youth work to group facilitation and community centre management. His passion for the Young Dads Program is deeply personal, stemming from his own experience as a young father.

Driven by his firsthand experience and recognising the lack of support for young fathers, Oliver is committed to empowering others in similar situations. He believes that young fathers deserve more support to overcome the obstacles they encounter. Through the Young Dads Program, Oliver aims to provide the necessary tools and support for these individuals to succeed, ensuring they feel valued and equipped for parenthood. By amplifying their voices and advocating for their needs, he hopes to foster an environment where they can flourish. Oliver envisions a future where all young fathers receive the resources and guidance they require to navigate parenthood confidently.

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