Vidya Surajbali

Team Leader, North

Vidya was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and now resides in Brisbane, Australia. Her affinity for helping those in need led her to pursue a career in social work. As a social worker, she began her career as a Case Manager for a Canadian non-profit organisation working with individuals experiencing various mental health conditions. Moving to Australia afforded her the opportunity to work with members of the homeless population as a Case Manager and Team Leader for two mental health outreach programs.

With Vidya gaining almost a decade of invaluable experience in the community services sector she understands that everyone longs for connection— to be seen, to be heard, and to be valued, particularly in times of adversity when asking for support can be difficult. Vidya believes that it is her occupational calling to continue being the supportive pillar who builds connections that allow individuals to be seen, heard, and valued at Brave.

Vidya also manages Brave’s Digital Delivery team.

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