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Taylor, 21

"You’re not just a mum, you can do anything you put your mind to. It sounds cringy but it’s true”

Cheyniah, 23

Proud to be financially independent

Rose, 17

"We wanted to break generational trauma we’ve got by letting her know we are always there."

Anna, 18

I was out celebrating a friend’s 16th birthday when I found out news that would indeed change my life... I was pregnant!

Bethany, 18

My two children are the best thing that has happened to me - I definitely think that you can achieve anything you want with the right support.


Complete Denial


My main support came from my school counsellor whom I would sit and talk to on days that were tough


I fell pregnant weeks after my sixteenth birthday unexpectedly.


Mum at 16 and recent finalist in Tasmania Telstra Business Awards for her business Drop Dead Bread


Terrified, alone, no support, no income, no family

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